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Re: konqueror and flash plugin


On Sunday 10 March 2002 02:54 am, Frank Murphy wrote:
> On Friday 01 March 2002 06:29 pm, Justin R. Miller wrote:
> > Said Kamil Kisiel on Fri, Mar 01, 2002 at 07:54:22AM -0800:
> > > Having encountered this problem many times before, I've found
> > > that for some strange reason you have to set libflashplayer.so +x
> > > before Konqueror will be able to use it to display Flash content
> > > (at least this was the solution on mine and several other
> > > people's system). Please reply with your results to the list.
> >
> > You also need to go into the mime-type entry for SWF and make sure
> > that it uses the embedded Netscape plugin (or something to that
> > effect). That may or may not be the default.
> Thanks, that did the trick for me.
> -Frank

	Okay, here's a question that crops up now....

	I've removed NetScape from all my systems. Does this mean I can no longer
use swf's? I've hackd around on the system trying to get it to play them,but
no joy. :--(

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