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Re: More maintainers for KDE?

Rene Horn said, and I quote:
> I'm of the thought that maybe it might be a good idea that we split up the 
> work on the KDE packages.  KDE is pretty big, and I'd imagine that we'd have 
> faster results if we had more people on it.
I'm currently helping DannyS with KDE. Currently we sorting out a few
niggles with arts, kdelibs and kdebase. Once we have those sorted we can
release them and other people can look at the other modules. Chris will
be able to help once KDE 2.2.2 is sorted in Woody.

> I'm going to try to start reading the docs on being a maintainer.  Perhaps if 
> I get comfortable with it, I'll volunteer my help, but right now, I don't 
> feel comfortable with doing so.
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