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Re: KDE status update

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On Wednesday 06 March 2002 02:51 pm, Chris Cheney wrote:
> kdelibs       - should go into woody once m68k builds
> kdebase       - should go into woody once m68k, arm, mips builds
> kdeadmin      - should go into woody once arm, m68k, s390, sparc builds
> kdegraphics   - needs new upload to remove kamera
> kdemultimedia - needs build on all arch
> kdenetwork    - should go into woody once alpha, hppa, ia64, m68k, sparc
> kdepim        - only god can save this package[*]
> kdeutils      - needs new upload to remove ark
> So it may still be possible for KDE to make it into woody, but it looks
> like kamera, ark, and kdepim will be casualties.
> Chris
> * If anyone knows how to fix the gcc 3.0 issues with kdepim please do so
> asap.

What gcc 3.0 issues? I'm on pretty good terms with the kpilot developer, and 
would be willing to do some leg work to get this into woody.  And not having 
korganizer, kpilot, knotes, etc, would suck :-)

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