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Screensaver Timeout Suggestion - Comments ?

I've been thinking about making a possibly "controversial" feature
request for the KDE screensaver facility, but before I go about that I
want to know whether it would be liked by many other folks ... or
hated ...

I'm sorry to admit it here, but I kind of like the Windows [gulp] NT
feature where, when the screensaver timeout is reached and the
screensaver leaps into life, you get about 10 seconds to hit a key (or
move the mouse) to cancel the screensaver again *without* having to
enter the password - if you miss that 10-second window then the
password becomes required.

For me, this allows for the many occasions when I'm sitting staring at
the screen musing on some code for longer than my timeout period (I
tend to set that to ~ 8 minutes) without touching a key ..

Okay, okay ... maybe nobody else ever does that :)

What does anybody else on this list think ?
Is this suggestion worth making ?  (It's just a convenience feature.)
If so, do I do that by submitting a KDE bug report with severity level
= "wishlist" ?

Nick Boyce
Bristol, UK
Gates' Law: Every 18 months, the speed of software halves.

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