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Problems with kdm


I have some problems with kdm. First of all, it doesn't let me start
other windowmanagers than kde. This used to work, but now it doesn't.
The appropriate lines in /etc/kde2/kdm/kdmrc look like:

| [X-*-Greeter]
| [...]
| SessionTypes=default,twm,sawfish,startxfce,wmaker,fvwm2,xfce,gnome-session,kde2,failsafe,
| [...]

And yes, I do have these windowmanagers installed ;-)

The other problem I run in is that I want to set some environment
variables (like LANG). I do this in .Xclients, which used to work, but
now it doesn't. .Xclients *is* executed (I write something to a file),
but the variables aren't set (nor overwritten, as OLLI remains unset).

This is my .Xclients:

,----[ .Xclients ]
| export EDITOR=emacs
| export LANG=de_DE
| export OLLI=da
| touch /home/olli/ausgefuehrt
| echo "nun denn" >> /home/olli/ausgefuehrt


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