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X/KDE Font problem

I did a fresh install of woody some days ago. All works fine, and I'm 
surprised of the speed debians KDE has. I had a selfcompiled objprelinked KDE 
2.2.1 before (Mandrake 8.0+) but KDE now nearly is 100% faster! Thanks for 
your great job in packaging KDE!

But i wouldn't have posted, if there wasn't a small problem:
My problem is, that i cannot get TrueType Fonts working under KDE. I have 
configured them under X (/etc/X11/XF86Config-4) and they work, xfontsel shows 
them all. Also AA works great, but in KControls Font module, i can only 
select between 3 different fonts. And KDE just looks ugly with this fonts. 
(something like Times New Roman). Is there any kde/x package to install 
fonts? Or what have I missed when configuring the fonts for x? (yes i called  
mkttfdir for my Truetype font dir, and as said, X doesn't complain about 
anything) its just that i cannot get them to list in the font dialog. I also 
tried kfontinst (found no package, so compiled it by myself), but this tool 
did not work for me neither.

Sorry my english, its just ... - not my first language. (but 'leo:' does a 
great job sometimes ;-) )

Any suggestions would be very appreciated. 
Thanks in advance, 

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