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Re: Kde with obj prelink

A Dissabte 16 Març 2002 16:18, Jean-Michel Kelbert va escriure:
I compiled all the KDE 2.2.2 on a Debian woody with objprelink two weeks ago. 
The result was that when KDE starts all segfaults. From icewm the only 
application than run without any problems was konsole, konq starts very fast 
and their performance was great but crash when it want to display a file, the 
sidebar, etc.
The result was unusable. The problem could be with binutils.
According with Linux From Scratch:

 "You'll need the latest version of binutils (2.11.2 at this point), and if 
any of glibc, gcc or binutils were compiled with optimizations there is a 
chance that everything you prelink will segfault when run.  Prelinking failed 
for me on my LFS 2.4.3 system where those were built with optimizations; on a 
LFS 3.0 system where glibc, gcc and binutils were compiled with no 
optimizations and everything else was built -O3 -march=i386 -mcpu=i686, 
prelinking worked fine.  Proceed with caution."

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