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Re: KDE or Qt frontend for Debconf

On Sun, 31 Mar 2002, Otto Kekäläinen wrote:
> One approach would be to take a look at the sources of gnome-apt and 
> kpackage, maybe even red-carpet and apt-gnome-pkgset (Progeny-Debian's tool). 
> (Of course you also need to know how to use the qt-frontend in your 
> c++-code.. I am not sure it that was your question.)
great idea: and while you're at it you could add some really useful
features apt-get lacks:
apt-get (or dselect, which I usually use) handles dependencies really
well, but not suggestions. 
Once I install a package I'd like to decide which suggestions should
become dependencies to make sure they won't get uninstalled. You could
change those suggestions of course.
That feature becomes really useful if the uninstall procedure removes all
dependencies and suggestions which are not needed any more.
I think thre is already something like that, except that it only removes
unneeded dependencies, not suggestions.

If that works, an option to hide all suggestions and dependencies would be
great, because you would only see the things you selected for install.

A typical install might even look like:

everything else is under those.
base_system might include kernel... 
and kde: kmail, kgames....

Gregor Zeitlinger      

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