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Re: location of kde:s configuration and migration to Debian

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From: "Hendrik Naumann" <hn75@gmx.de>
> > Anyway, I am moving old my home directory to the new installation,
> > and I was pretty much under the impression that moving my KDE
> > settings from SuSE's KDE 2.2.2 to the Debian's KDE 2.2.2 could be
> > done by simply copying the .kde-directory from one place to
> > another. Unfortunately, the KDE on Debian did not accept the old
> > settings and just wrote over the old ones. But, it seems, that if
> > you afterwards move single files, like the bookmark.xml, they get
> > accepted by the reciving KDE.
> I remember that SuSE stores kde-2.x settings in ~/.kde2. Did you copy
> this to ~/.kde in the debian-home?

Well yes, I did notice that :) My question may be simple, but not that

> > SuSE, which I use now (debian should really have something like
> > sax2 for configuring X)
> I also used to use sax. I think except its not graphical
> dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xfree86
> (for woody) is as good as sax2.

I found a tool named 'dexconf' in Sid (I'm running Woody), and it seems to
somehow autoprobe my settings, since it does not ask anything - just writes
automatically a new X-configuration file -- which worked fine! Can it get
more easy? :)

There is a lot of discussion wheter Linux is ready for the desktop or not.
Back in the middle of 1990's, Microsoft made it breakthrough by having
Windows pre-installed on PCs. A installed Linux with KDE2/3 is just as easy
to use as any Windows, so I am sure that Linux is as ready for the desktop.
Actually, KDE even easier to use since it has less bugs that confuse the
user than what there are in Windows :) If Linux would be pre-installed, then
installing it will not be the issue, since once installed, it is there
(unlike Windows, which you have to install every now and then since its
registry gets corrupted). Tools like dexconf makes Linux possible even for
people who just wants to get their work done. (sorry for being far from the
topic, but I am just happy that not all development in this world goes

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