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Re: Mosfet Liquid KDE


second hit on this search (after the official Mosfet.org/liquid.html 

On Thursday 21 March 2002 08:37 pm, Mark Lee wrote:
> Just our of curiosity, today I decided that I would like to give the
> Mosfet liquid engine a looksie. I am currently running KDE 2.2.2
> (woody) and I found that tracking down the actual tarballs for this
> release to be quite difficult so basically I am just asking the list
> if anybody can give me a URL to grab the latest and greatest mosfet
> engine.
> Yes and please dont flame me for not "looking hard enough" because my
> endeavours to find it just led me to complaints of other people who
> couldn't seem to find it. Any help would be much appreciated.

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