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Re: launch apps on virtual desktops

On Monday 04 March 2002 05:55 pm, Justin R. Miller wrote:
> Said MadCoder on Tue, Mar 05, 2002 at 02:40:39AM +0100:
> > Is it possible to launch an app under KDE on all virtual desktops only
> > with a command line ?
> >
> > Is it possible too to launch an app on the third desktop when I launch
> > it from an xterm on te 2nd ?
> For both of these, see the list archives from about two days ago... I
> believe that it had something to do with 'kstart'.


I did read the prior posts, and attempted to see it for myself, but I must 
confess it did not work :(  Donno if it is the current Woody addition of kde 
or not, but the commands given concur with the doc's I have locally..


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