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Re: AutoLogout Screen Saver

On Wednesday 20 March 2002 10:40 am, Russell Coker wrote:
> On Wed, 20 Mar 2002 16:44, Jay Kline wrote:
> > Is there a screen saver or something that will automaticly log a user out
> > if left idle for too long?  This is for a lab environment, so after 5 min
> > of inactivity the screen saver should come up (password protected) and
> > after 30 min the user should be logged out to free the terminal up.
> Why can't the user just use CTRL-ALT-BS or the SAK key?

For several reasons..  this is a school lab, and many of the kids wont know 
about it (and I dont want to tell them, as they might abuse it) and it allows 
the workstations to get freed up automaticly, without knowing how long the 
user was gone.


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