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Re: KDE status update + Dates, metapackage, installing

--- Chris Cheney <ccheney@cheney.cx> wrote:
> kdelibs       - should go into woody once m68k builds
> kdebase       - should go into woody once m68k, arm, mips builds
> kdeadmin      - should go into woody once arm, m68k, s390, sparc builds
> kdegraphics   - needs new upload to remove kamera
> kdemultimedia - needs build on all arch
> kdenetwork    - should go into woody once alpha, hppa, ia64, m68k,sparcbuilds
> kdepim        - only god can save this package[*]
> kdeutils      - needs new upload to remove ark
> So it may still be possible for KDE to make it into woody, but it looks
> like kamera, ark, and kdepim will be casualties.

Excellent work, Chris (and everyone who helped on this).   :)

1) What are the dates that you expect the above _uplaods_ to occur on?
Is is _safe_ to install those packages before the new uploads are available?
(Ie, it won't do any harm to install those packages.  Merely, the parts that
you mention above that need to be removed will just not install successfully,
but everything else in the package _will_ be installed properly, and will be
the latest version.)

2) You didn't mention the "kde" metapackage for Sid.  What is its status?
I.e., when will (when installing from Sid)
apt-get install kde
properly install the entire kde system?  
(Or, will there be no 'kde' metapackage?)

3) Until the kde metapackage is available, what is the procedure for installing
all of kde that is available onto a basic Sid system?
a) Is there an order that must be followed in installing the packages?
b) Does one just do:
"apt-get install  kdelibs kdebase kdeadmin kdegraphics kdemultimedia 
kdenetwork kdepim kdeutils"
c) Which of those packages should not be installed on a base Sid system as of
right now?
d) If one should wait for an upload before installing some of those packages,
will you let us know when they have become available, or, is there a web page
or ftp site or apt-get command that we can check to find out if the new upload
is availabe?

4) For the packages which you say "needs build", is that something that
requires no human intervention to occur?  (Ie, we are just waiting for a system
that automatically does builds to get around to building those packages?)

Thanks.  :)

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