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Re: AA for KDE?

On Sunday 10 March 2002 02:13, David Bishop wrote:
> On Sun, Mar 10, 2002 at 02:04:01AM +0000, John Gay wrote:
> > I realise this is NOT supported at all yet, but I did have it working,
> > before I nuked my system. Now I don't remember how I did it. Ivan had
> > created an AA howto metapackage, but it's gone now.
> >
> > I can set QT_XFT=1 from a shell and then launch KDE app's from that shell
> > and have AA, but where do I set this to be enabled from boot again?
> You can either set it in the startkde script or there should be a
> checkbox in kcontrol, under "look and feel", "fonts".

into the /usr/bin/startkde script worked for AA!
> > On a similar topic, I made a new AA font for my daughter. Where do I
> > install this and set it up so X and KDE can find it?
> tt? Just put it in the directory with the rest of the tt fonts.  For
> "old-school" (bitmap?) I dunno, you have to do some weird fonts.dir crap
> that I never understood.
I put the ttf font into /usr//X11R6/lib/X11/fonts/TTF along with the other 
fonts, and even did update-fonts-dir, but I still don't have my daughters new 

I know Debian has some special tools for working with fonts. deforma and 
dfontmgr, but these only seem to work with existing Debian-installed fonts.

What else am I missing?

> HTH and HAND!
> D.A.Bishop

Thanks for the help!


	John Gay

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