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[no subject] "Change debconf priority" position in menu, why? (Annoyance) kernel message mars install /etc/hosts localhost with computer name? 2004-08-19 netinstall broken? 5000円で開業しませんか! 8139too and 8139cp (Re: Processed: reassign 266564 to hotplug) i386 linux26 error 花之愿鲜花礼品网 RE: 花之愿鲜花礼品网 试试我刚装的网络摄像机 開業者が続出しています! [MailServer Notification] Attention ! Virus detecté ! Virus détecté dans le message "Hi" RE: I'm in love Re: [coLinux-devel] Re: debian (sarge rc1) installer and colinux (snapshot 20040710) RE: [coLinux-devel] Re: debian (sarge rc1) installer and colinux (snapshot 20040710) [d-i 20040801 floppy] network conf with dhcp does not set default route [D-I Manual] Build log for en (01 Sep 2004) [D-I Manual] Build log for en (08 Aug 2004) [D-I Manual] Build log for en (09 Aug 2004) [D-I Manual] Build log for en (11 Aug 2004) [D-I Manual] Build log for en (13 Aug 2004) [D-I Manual] Build log for en (15 Aug 2004) [D-I Manual] Build log for en (16 Aug 2004) [D-I Manual] Build log for en (18 Aug 2004) [D-I Manual] Build log for en (25 Aug 2004) [D-I Manual] Build log for en (27 Aug 2004) [i386] [RC1] Informal installation report [ITT] po-debconf://localization-config/fr.po Re: [ Re: Bug#264506: all fine, but grub] [l10n] First l10n-sync tests for French po-debconf translations of Debian Installer [l10n] Please do NOT migrate to single file without warning me [l10n] Progress on migration towards single translation files [l10n] Reorganising l10n-related scripts [l10n] Towards a central handling of D-I translations [l10n] Translation and the freeze of packages [Manual] installer-manual on the website (was: release plans for website?) [PROPOSAL] 2.4.27 as default 2.4 kernel for sarge [web site] link to i386 hd-media points to file instead of directory aboot-installer_0.0.16_alpha.changes ACCEPTED Re: Account Management ACER TM290 (ATI chips): Problems with Knoppix 3.6 !? Activation of Oriya for debian-installer Adaptec AIC7901 Add that bedroom you've been needing Alioth down again Alpha Alpha install AlphaServer DS25 failure anna_1.01_i386.changes ACCEPTED Apology re mail probs RE: Application Re: Application Info from Yu ask LC information Automatic allocation of swap Automatic Installation (a la kickstart) Backup repository while Alioth is down? base-config_2.39_i386.changes ACCEPTED base-config_2.40.1_i386.changes ACCEPTED base-config_2.40.2_i386.changes ACCEPTED base-config_2.40.3_i386.changes ACCEPTED base-config_2.40_i386.changes ACCEPTED base-config_2.41_i386.changes ACCEPTED base-config_2.41_i386.changes REJECTED base-config_2.42_i386.changes ACCEPTED base-config_2.43_i386.changes ACCEPTED base-config_2.44_i386.changes ACCEPTED base-installer_1.02_i386.changes ACCEPTED base-installer_1.03_ia64.changes ACCEPTED Belgian keyboard mapping does not work in d-i rc1 Re: Below is important information berak me off smoe! Bizarre security problem. Boot from floppy and install from cdrom Boot problems with grub and 4GB+ braching to kernel entry point 0x00100000 brand x bug about Italian keyboard on ibook Bug#127529: marked as done (boot-floppies: wrong text in modules configuration?) Bug#136328: marked as done (b-f one-liner needs translating) Bug#173734: marked as done (modconf deletes loop configuration) Bug#178824: marked as done (modconf: modconf v0.2.44 prompts are misleading) Bug#190397: marked as done (main-menu: please include support for hiding menuitems) Bug#191046: marked as done (modconf: AGP misspelled in templates) Bug#191048: marked as done (modconf: Minor changes to Swedish template ) Bug#194926: marked as done (modconf: Wrong options in info screen for 3c59x module) Bug#202907: marked as done (language tasks pull in reams of huge packages) Bug#206203: marked as done (modconf: spanish manpage available) Bug#212962: marked as done (cdebconf: Do not support right-to-left languagaes) Bug#218728: Flexible size settings for autopartkit Bug#224641: grub-installer serial console problems (still) Bug#225167: marked as done (Cannot see firewire drive after boot; 1 module fails to load, 1 misses) Bug#225204: marked as done (modconf: please, be consinstent with modules-init-tools) Bug#226354: gone away Bug#226354: marked as done (can't select swap partition) Bug#226758: Grub-installer: root disk wrongly set Bug#227691: marked as done (modconf: I can't enter in kernel/drivers/net section) Bug#230344: marked as done (installs md-modules for a different kernel version) Bug#230344: reproducible? Bug#232264: marked as done ("Failed getting Release file" when installing base system) Bug#232520: marked as done (Localized string not displayed - "Action on the partition:") Bug#233601: marked as done (modconf: /usr/lib/modules_help/ does not exist) Bug#237888: marked as done ([sparc] [20040310] [netboot] general success for sparc64) Bug#239012: marked as done ([sparc] [beta3] [miniiso] success, lots of glitches on ultra 2) Re: Bug#239111: Followup Re: Bug#239111: Not fixed when I tested it Bug#239154: marked as done ([sparc] [beta3] [miniiso] fails at boot) Bug#239224: marked as done ([sparc] [beta3] [miniiso] hangs at boot) Bug#239300: Is the bug still there? [was: sun sparcstation lx partition problem] Bug#240686: marked as done (choose-mirror: Strange code to detect country) Bug#240721: localisation set during install is not active afterwards Bug#240721: marked as done ([i386] [beta3] [unknown] localisation set during install is not active afterwards) Bug#240721: xdebconfigurator localisation (Re: Bug#240721: localisation set during install is not active afterwards) Bug#240842: marked as done ([i386] [beta3] [netinst] pcmcia network config failed) Bug#241001: marked as done ([m68k] [20040329] [unknown] mostly successful Mac m68k install - fstab/partitioning issues) Bug#241001: mostly successful Mac m68k install - fstab/partitioning issues Bug#241106: marked as done ([i386] [beta3] [businesscard] base system install fails, iso-codes can't be found) Bug#241145: marked as done (user finds it hard to work out how to assign mount points [old partman?]) Bug#241179: marked as done ([i386] [beta3] [netinst] successful install, no network in 2nd stage (pcmcia)) Bug#241179: Processed: Bug#241179 (reassigned to netcfg) Bug#241179: successful install, no network in 2nd stage (pcmcia) Bug#241212: kernel panic during boot Bug#241212: marked as done ([i386] [beta3] [netboot] kernel panic during boot) Bug#241785: marked as done (On two identical IDE disk with equal number of partitions assigning mount point of a partition on the second disk assignes a mount point on the first instead. However afterwards the partition on the second disk can be selected to be mounted and the partition on the first disk deselected.) Bug#241850: marked as done ([powerpc] [20040331] [netinst] no dhcp, otherwise success) Bug#242010: lockup after detect hardware Bug#242128: several problems Bug#242221: fails to configure Realtek 8139 and VIA VT6103 NICs Bug#242256: marked as done ([i386 [beta3] [netinst] success) Bug#242338: success, some problems Bug#242444: marked as done ([i386] [beta3] [netinst] minor problems) Bug#242480: marked as done ([i386] [20040329] [netinst] success, minor problems) Bug#242632: marked as done (should be a way to tweak reserved space on ext2/3.) Bug#243024: marked as forwarded (Unable to modify disks on a machine with Mylex Acceleraid 170 RAID controller (DAC960 controller). This is because of the unusual partition scheme used by the driver: the first logical disk is /dev/rd/c0d0 and the partitions are /dev/rd/c0d0p1, /dev/rd/c0d0p2, etc. Howerver parted expects the naming scheme to be the usual for devfs (../disc, ../part1, ../part2, and so on). As a result partman attempts to mount/format unexisting devices. I do not know how to fix this. In my opinion this is not a bug in parted but in the DAC960 driver.) Bug#244736: marked as done (recipe support for hppa) Bug#245166: marked as done (trims English "translations") Bug#246066: marked as done ([sparc] [beta3] [miniiso] sparcstation LX partial success) Bug#246483: Should install SMP kernel automatically Bug#246770: Further info (better luck). Bug#246909: marked as done (merged) Bug#247108: marked as done (Doesn't see existing partition table) Bug#247722: marked as done ([i386] [beta4] [CD] broken /dev/ptmux) Bug#247767: marked as done ([i386] [beta4] [netinst] success) Bug#247811: marked as done ([sparc] [beta4] [businesscard] beta 4 install failures) Bug#247875: marked as done (Package: installation-reports) Bug#247940: marked as done (no support for Atmel AT76C503A USB NIC (no kernel module available)) Bug#248037: package-versions is extremly slow Bug#248278: marked as done (/ default size too small) Bug#248590: marked as done (sparcstation lx beta 4 install (mostly ok)) Bug#248639: marked as done (Use percents as size of newly created partitions (20% means 20% from the whole free space)) Bug#248954: marked as done (sparc64 sid daily success!) Bug#248956: marked as done (sparc64 second disk install, mostly ok) Bug#249041: marked as done (Please support disk labels (LABEL=)) Bug#249081: marked as done (sparcstation 20 d-i daily 2004-05-11 success) Bug#249371: fixed in parted 1.6.9-3.2 Bug#249371: marked as done (Detects always loop partition tables (instead of msdos)) Bug#249593: marked as done (No DHCP client found during network configuration) Bug#249650: marked as done (Dealing with partitions in combination with motherboard limitations) Bug#249677: marked as done (FQDN default for host name -> menu loop) Bug#250893: forgets settings on cancel Bug#250893: marked as done (forgets settings on cancel) Bug#251414: marked as done (the "multi-user" recipe name is confusing) Bug#251986: actually Bug#251986: Processed: Re: Popularity contest installed after saying "No" Bug#253697: marked as done (needs ia64 specific recipe for elilo fat16 partition) Bug#254071: Fails to load ata_piix module Bug#254286: marked as done (did not detect partition type of some existing linux partitions) Bug#254830: marked as done (Please include firewire for network installs) Bug#254935: marked as done (Creates too big swap partition on a machine with big hard disk but small memory) Bug#254945: b0rks if /target already exists Bug#255237: kernel 2.6 doesn't recognize the SCSI controller or cdrom Bug#255431: marked as done (ddetect: finds mptscsih.o too late) Bug#255431: reminder Bug#255439: Bug#255689: Bug#255439: d-i report Bug#255597: marked as done ([MERGED] Identical disk layout results in identical id's) Bug#256401: marked as done (modconf: location of modprobe config files changed with module-init-tools) Bug#256600: marked as done (install: Formatting of partitions didn't update parition type) Bug#257356: installation-reports: more sata problems Bug#257411: marked as done (installs wrong kernel for K6-2 CPU) Re: Bug#257910: Installation Report ia64 netinst beta4 : no fat16 /boot partition created Bug#257910: marked as done (merged) Bug#258316: cdrom-detect DMA issues: fixed image available. Bug#258500: Installer fails to recognise SiI3112 hw RAID array Bug#258834: failed installation on Compaq Presario 1260 laptop Bug#258877: marked as done (using menu item return code to reboot system is fragile) Bug#258889: marked as done (Wrong detection of some complicated partition scheme) Bug#259296: ia64 menus patch fixes 259296 and 267689 Bug#259296: marked as done (debian-installer: bootmenu screens for ia64) Bug#259297: Same error w/ Grub using RC1 Bug#259373: comments on installation-report Bug#259591: marked as done (Does a slow scan of /dev/cdroms/cdrom0) Bug#259593: marked as done (recipe support for ia64) Bug#259747: note Bug#259868: acknowledged by developer (Re: Bug#259831: Debian Installer - Installation report) Bug#259868: acknowledged by developer (Re: Bug#259831: Debian Installer - Installation report) Bug#259868: marked as done (partition size requested is not same as created size) Bug#259869: time display shows UTC even before UTC question asked Bug#259897: marked as done (partman-ext3: unconsistent lowercase filesystem name) Bug#259905: marked as done (alpha - boot partition creation didn't work) Bug#259914: Bug#257260: NO Detect CD with sarge-sparc-netinst.iso on SUN Ultra60 Bug#259914: reassign 259914 to debian-installer Bug#259922: marked as done (Swap partition marked as Linux instead of Linux swap) Bug#259942: d-i dated 2004 07 13 failled to boot on a sparc sunblade 100 (followup) Bug#260093: debian-installer installation-report AlphaStation 500/333 - aboot partition problems Re: Bug#260225: Sarge installer not recognising partition table for disk larger than 137GB Bug#260258: marked as done (languagechooser: jfbterm is not required for Ukrainian) Bug#260396: PowerMac G3 (beige) sarge d-i (18 July 2004) Installation Report using 2.6 kernel Bug#260873: marked as done (languagechooser: Should set no_NO as locale in /root/dbootstrap_settings when using Norwegian Bokmal) Bug#260873: Reassign bug Bug#261070: marked as done (lowmem message displayed before usb keyboard enabled) Bug#261101: Test with Release Candidate 1 Bug#261244: marked as done (partman-auto: /var partition is too small with multi_user recipe on 1GB disk/i386) Bug#261376: hppa testing (sarge) very slow installer + partitioner failed Bug#261460: Is anyone else seeing this? -- Re: Bug#261460: Non-DHCP network config step of d-i is broken Bug#261460: marked as done (netcfg: manual configuration infinitely loops) Bug#261471: marked as done (netcfg-dhcp.templates: change 'may work' to 'may succeed') Bug#261527: marked as done (netcfg: after manual configuration, loops back to DHCP attempt) Bug#261531: marked as done (IP Address Statement) Bug#261555: marked as done (add security updates for testing) Bug#261571: marked as done (three partman problems) Bug#261671: Missing entries for languagechooser Bug#261703: discover1-data: Marvell 643[46]0 builtin ethernet driver. Bug#261703: marked as done (discover1-data: Marvell 643[46]0 builtin ethernet driver.) Bug#261778: marked as done (Detects two video cards when the system has only one) Bug#261929: Can't use tasksel to install multi l10n tasks Bug#261987: mkinitrd needs mdadm for RAID arrays Bug#262043: Some init.d script of partman hangs when there no disk is available Bug#262047: debian-installer detect HP DL140 netadapter failed Bug#262082: marked as done (discover1-data: recognize more Radeon video cards) Bug#262106: marked as done (debian-installer: typo in german translation) Bug#262182: marked as done (elilo-installer must call apt-install elilo) Bug#262182: Patch for elilo-installer to call apt-install elilo Bug#262197: well.. Bug#262266: marked as done ([i386] device driver floppy to big) Bug#262387: hppa b180 success Bug#262531: FWIW Bug#262568: installation-reports: [sparc64] [20040731] [netinst] installation failed Bug#262620: debian-installer: installation step failed - select a keyboard layout Bug#262620: still in d-i rc1 Bug#262624: netcfg: does not set WEP key when one is specified Bug#262626: marked as done (netcfg: description error for e100 driver) Bug#262626: netcfg: description error for e100 driver Bug#262638: ethdetect: Please add manual support for Pegasus USB Ethernet adapters Bug#262638: pegasus loading Bug#262675: Package: installation-reports Bug#262714: (no subject) Bug#262725: installation report cobalt qube 2 Bug#262761: System being rebooted by hotlplug loaded drivers... Bug#262766: should not show "configure LVM" menu entry if no LVM module is present Bug#262770: install-report.template Bug#262779: Installer bug report Bug#262865: With two network interfaces after reboot uses the wrong one Bug#262868: follow up on this bug Bug#262868: no 'FREE SPACE' in newly initialized disklabel Bug#262874: FWD: Re: Bug#262874: Package: installation-reports Bug#262874: Package: installation-reports Bug#262941: d-i 01aug2004 => pppoe, network, ppoeconf problems Bug#262941: d-i 01aug2004 : possible solution => pppoe, pppoeconf problem Bug#262941: no working pppoeconf and pppoe Bug#262941: pppoe problems => d-i does not install resolvconf Bug#262954: INSTALL REPORT Bug#263046: confuses lvm and raid partitions Bug#263046: marked as done (confuses lvm and raid partitions) Bug#263065: problems with 2.6 and raid Bug#263075: problem with 2.6 netboot and sbp2 Bug#263077: Debian Sarge beta 4: installation-reports Bug#263107: debian-installer: can't set up RAID partitions on mac partitions Bug#263110: base-config: debconf-seed script doesn't run because it isn't executable. Bug#263110: marked as done (base-config: debconf-seed script doesn't run because it isn't executable.) Bug#263137: rootskel: serial console won't accept other languages Bug#263156: debian-installer: Missing SCSI modules on powerpc Bug#263156: Missing SCSI modules on PowerPC Bug#263157: debian-installer: Tries to install quik on RS/6000 PReP system Bug#263157: marked as done (debian-installer: Tries to install quik on RS/6000 PReP system) Bug#263162: Please describe your tasksel policy, and re-add the tex task Bug#263178: Acknowledgement (install deos not modify boot_dev and boot_osflags) Bug#263178: install deos not modify boot_dev and boot_osflags Bug#263178: update(install does not modify boot_dev and boot_osflags) Bug#263187: marked as done (netcfg: DHCP attempt infinitely loops) Bug#263205: mips-cdrom Bug#263206: mips-netboot Bug#263207: hppa-net Bug#263226: Processed: Re: Bug#240679: no network config Bug#263266: mips-cdrom Bug#263317: Language not set at second-stage Bug#263317: marked as done (Language not set at second-stage) Bug#263338: install report Re: Bug#263402: ispell: no default for, "german" or "german -tex" at high priority Bug#263414: discover1-data: nForce USB controller Bug#263414: marked as done (discover1-data: nForce USB controller) Bug#263554: installation-reports Re: Bug#263575: base-files: LANG=C for some languages when root login from console The last update was on 07:09 GMT Sun May 24. 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