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Bug#263178: update(install does not modify boot_dev and boot_osflags)

On Thu, Aug 05, 2004 at 03:29:47PM +0200, Steffen Grunewald wrote:
> On Wed, Aug 04, 2004 at 01:42:00PM +0200, Steffen Grunewald wrote:
> > > If you wish to submit further information on your problem, please send
> > > it to 263178@bugs.debian.org (and *not* to
> > > submit@bugs.debian.org).

> > According to my somewhat limited research, an interface to the SRM would
> > be available if CONFIG_SRM_ENV was set to "y" during kernel build.
> > Unfortunately, this is not the default :-(

> OK, this seems to be fixed now (= boot.img as of Aug 4, 5423316 bytes),
> I can see /proc/srm_environment while the base installation is going on.

There have been no changes recently to the SRM support in the alpha
kernels; I don't know why it failed before for you, but it wasn't due to
missing kernel support.

> > If such a kernel was used during system install, one might set
> > bootdef_dev to the SRM name of the disk the aboot loader has been
> > installed to, and boot_osflags to "0" indicating that the default 
> > setup is to be used.

> Unfortunately, there's no modification visible yet.
> (The most likely explanation would be that work is still in progress, so
> I at least can confirm that CONFIG_SRM_ENV did work.)

There's no modification visible because no modification is being done.
No code has been written to attempt to change the SRM boot variables
from debian-installer; and you shouldn't expect this to be done for
sarge.  While having the installer ensure you end up back in Debian
after a reboot sounds like a good idea, the task of mapping Unix devices
to SRM names is really quite difficult, and not something to be
attempted this soon before a release.

Steve Langasek
postmodern programmer

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