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Bug#251986: Processed: Re: Popularity contest installed after saying "No"

[Goswin von Brederlow]
> "Install popcon? (yes/no)"

The question would have to explain more about the popcon question.  A
simple 'install package foo?' will not do it.

> Where is there internal knowledge?
> If base-config asks if popcon should be installed or not then the
> "participate" question can be removed again.  It would only be
> installed if wanted.

The popcon package is useful also if you don't participate, so there
must be a participate question in the package.  So the question about
installing popcon or not must also propagate the information into
popcon postinst that the user want to participate.  And that require
internal knowledge about the popcon package.

In short, I believe it is a bad idea to move the question into

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