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Bug#263178: Acknowledgement (install deos not modify boot_dev and boot_osflags)

> If you wish to submit further information on your problem, please send
> it to 263178@bugs.debian.org (and *not* to
> submit@bugs.debian.org).

According to my somewhat limited research, an interface to the SRM would
be available if CONFIG_SRM_ENV was set to "y" during kernel build.
Unfortunately, this is not the default :-(

If such a kernel was used during system install, one might set
bootdef_dev to the SRM name of the disk the aboot loader has been
installed to, and boot_osflags to "0" indicating that the default 
setup is to be used.

Of course this should be done before re-booting the system...

It would be very helpful if this could be included into d-i.


Steffen Grunewald * * * Merlin cluster admin (http://pandora.aei.mpg.de)
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