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Re: [Manual] installer-manual on the website (was: release plans for website?)

Frank Lichtenheld wrote:
> This is how the installation manual was handled for boot-floppies (i.e.
> potato and woody): The sources where checked out from the
> boot-floppies CVS and were build locally.
> I investigated a bit how to handle the sarge installation manual:
> The installation manual doesn't build on woody AFAICT, so manual
> build is probably no option until www-master is updated to sarge,
> and I think nobody want rely on that. So linking to an external
> resource like the archive or copying it from there would be better.

I don't know if it builds on woody or not, never tried.

We have two builds; there's a build on the web on alioth, and the build
in the archives. I think the build in the archives is a batter choice to
use, as it's guaranteed to match the installer version in the archive,
also it's a release build which changes some minor parts of the manual.
The one on alioth is more of a developmental build so we can see changes
before we release.

> Some questions to consider:
>  - The boot-floppies manual was built as PDF, plain text and HTML.
>    I think at least plain text and HTML should be available for
>    sarge, too. Yet I don't see any generation of plain text 
>    currently. Is this intentional?

Our build system for the sarge manual is rather rough and nobody is very
happy with it. It has generated pdf in the past but that has not worked
lately, and I don't think we've ever gotten plain text out of it. There
are some commented lines at the end of buildone.sh that generate .fo
files and use fop to build pdf. Apparently the plan was to go from there
to plain text.

>  - For usage on the website the files should be able to be handled
>    by content negotiation. This requires that there is only one directory
>    per arch with all translations in it and files named foo.<langcode>.html.
>    Would it be possible to generate the pages this way or should we write
>    a little script that solves this by renaming the current output files?

I didn't know you'd ever used content negitoation for the manual, though
it'd be nice.

We would have to munge all the internal links too. I don't know enough
about the build to know what's the right way. FWIW, it uses xsltproc to
generate the html, and the --output switch does not seem to be flexible

You'll need an index page anyway linking to the different manuals for
different arches, could the content negotiation happen only for that page

see shy jo

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