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Re: AlphaServer DS25 failure

On Fri, Aug 06, 2004 at 08:31:55AM -0700, Brian Carnes wrote:
>    Is there a way for me, as an end user, to influence this?  I played 
> around with different boot flags at the SRM console, and could get into the 
> aboot menu to see the different kernels options, but they all appear to 
> load the same kernel.

It's NOT a run-time option, it's a compile-time one.

Choosing LEGACY_START_ADDRESS=y hardwires the physical address at which
the kernel itself will be loaded as 3MB (actually 0x310000).

On the TITAN-based machines (DS15/DS25/ES45) the console (SRM) lives
in that area, so the base address of the kernel needs to be AT LEAST
8MB and better 16MB.

>    Could you put a kernel that works on non-MILO machines into one of the 
> aboot slots?  Or will there be different netinst boot isos?

Yes, one could have differently-configured kernels available via aboot
"slots" on a single netinst CD/ISO; it's just a matter of building the
kernels (as appropriate) and managing them.

>    FYI, I grabbed the Compaq-released version of Redhat 7.2, and it booted 
> and installed just fine.

As I would have expected... ;-}


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