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Bug#259942: d-i dated 2004 07 13 failled to boot on a sparc sunblade 100 (followup)

Hello *,

today I download latest iso:
always failled as previously :(

also failled as previously  too :(

OTC according to this mail <http://lists.debian.org/debian-sparc/2002/07/msg00251.html>
I updated the obp (with success :) )

And try agian:
    - the first one still failed
    - but the second one continue :))

And I already browse severall menu with pb execpted that keyboard is very
weird (control key under tab key; ` key in place of backspace; ... and very
strange behaiviour a -> 1, s->2, ...,;->0?) and I hope now that a classical
kbd will help.


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