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Bug#241179: successful install, no network in 2nd stage (pcmcia)

Frederik Dannemare wrote:
> I will suggest an errata item for the release candidate installer that 
> should be available in a couple of days from now:
> *********************************************************************
> PCMCIA device shifting (between CD-ROM and NIC) during install:
> If you choose to install Debian via CD, but you only have your CD-ROM 
> drive and NIC (which you want to setup and use as primary NIC during 
> installation) accessible via a single PCMCIA slot in your computer, 
> here is what you can do to work around this situation.
> Boot the installer with the CD-ROM device plugged into the PCMCIA slot 
> and do a normal 1st stage installation, except that you should skip 
> network setup or just type in dummy values at this point.
> Then when it says "Installation complete", choose 'Go back' to drop back 
> to the main menu. Now change the PCMCIA device from CD-ROM to NIC, and 
> choose to 'Detect network hardware'. Your NIC should now be detected 
> and you can continue (again 'Go back' to main menu) to 'Network 
> configuration'.
> If your NIC is a wireless, press Alt+F2 to get a shell. Change the 
> PCMCIA device from NIC to CD-ROM and type in the shell:
>  chroot /target
>  mount /cdrom
>  apt-get install wireless-tools
>  umount /cdrom
>  exit
> Go back to Alt+F1 and change the PCMCIA device from CD-ROM to NIC.
> Choose 'Continue' to reboot (with NIC in PCMCIA slot) and thereby finish 
> the 1st stage of the installation process.
> When 2st stage comes up after the reboot, you should have a working NIC 
> and as such you can choose to download extra packages via ftp, http, 
> etc.
> Should you, however, not have a working NIC at this point, go to the 
> shell (Alt+F2) and try to reload your NIC:
>  ifdown <iface> && ifup <iface>
> Return to Alt+F1 and continue installation (assuming networking now 
> works)...
> *********************************************************************

I think this might be more appopriate as a kind of howto page on our
wiki than as an errata item.

see shy jo

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