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Bug#262868: no 'FREE SPACE' in newly initialized disklabel

reassign 262868 partman

On Sun, Aug 01, 2004 at 09:32:51PM -0700, Joshua Kwan wrote:
> I have two disks on my Sun SPARCstation 10, sda and sdb. sda is a 1 GB
> drive which I chose to initialize with a fresh disklabel for the
> purposes of testing.
> However:
>   x        SCSI1 (0,3,0) (sda) - 1.0 GB SEAGATE ST31200N SUN1.05  a         x
>   x        SCSI1 (0,4,0) (sdb) - 2.1 GB SEAGATE ST32550N          a         x
>   x        >      #2  48.1 MB B f ext3       /boot                a         x
>   x        >      #4   1.9 GB   f ext3       /                    a         x
>   x        >      #1  98.4 MB   f swap       swap                 a         x

This means that parted doesn't recognise the disk label of sda.
/var/log/partman can say whether this is the same bug as #249371 or
something unknown.

I suppose you created the disk label of sda before the run of

Anton Zinoviev

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