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Bug#241179: Processed: Bug#241179 (reassigned to netcfg)

Thanks for adding the workarounds to the documentation; that should
help.  And thanks for all the help in finding the workarounds.

I'm not entirely clear: I hope this bug now covers both issues,
#1 (not allowing network setup unless a network card is present
early in the install) and #2 (ifup not running automatically) ?
The workarounds in the wiki will work for expert users (assuming
they find it), but I hope eventually the installer will be usable
by less experienced users too (even if it can't happen in time for
sarge's release).  The woody installer handled this situation
without a problem, but it uses lilo, not grub, so I hate to point
newbies at it even if they have the network bandwidth to update to

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