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Re: Bug#263157: debian-installer: Tries to install quik on RS/6000 PReP system


Sven Luther writes:

> Not sure, but is this not kernel-package defaulting to quik for prep
> boxes ?

It was definitely quik-installer, since it proudly announced its
failure via a debconf box.

> We really need a prep-installer, i had contributed the needed stuff
> to parted to create a prep bootable partition, not sure i commited
> it though.
> We would then need a partman-prep, like the partman-palo, and a
> prep-installer which moves the kernel to the right place, after
> having called mkvmlinuz on it.

"The right place" may be anything, for example a bootp server, some
other machine with a CD burner, or any of the installed hard disks.
Before dumping the thing on the first available hard disk, you must
ask the user for confirmation and allow them access to a shell.

Booting those things is not trivial anyway (among other things, you
have to type the boot args into the kernel at boot), so leaving some
manual interaction to the user is perfectly alright IMO.  It sucked a
lot more when I had to sit through all the d-i questions again before
I could finally escape to a shell and dd the kernel where I wanted it.
BTW, would DEBCONF_PRIORITY=low on the kernel command line have saved

> i believe that mkvmlinuz is already called on prep during base-installer.

Yes.  And the result works nicely.

Regards, Jens.

J'qbpbe, le m'en fquz pe j'qbpbe!
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