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Bug#263162: Please describe your tasksel policy, and re-add the tex task

Andrew Pollock wrote:
> Can you please elaborate? I've just read the README file, and I'm not a lot
> wiser as to why the tex packages don't fit the policy?
> I'd like a task for installing latex related stuff.

I suspect that less than 25% of our users use tex. It could conceivably
fail the requirement that 90% of our users know what the task is from
its short description. Moreover, "tex" is not really a task.
"typesetting" or "word processing" or the like would be, but these and
the desktop task would have significant overlap, which I prefer to

tex is also not appropriate to be in a task because anyone who wants tex
knows they want tex, and does not want to bumble around selecting
ill-defined tasks (like "word processing") and hope that they get tex.
Instead, they want to manually select their packages, and I expect them
to do so. Tasks are for people who know what task they want to do, but
are not very picky about the tools the system chooses to do it.

see shy jo

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