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Bug#241179: Processed: Bug#241179 (reassigned to netcfg)

On Sun, 8 Aug 2004, Akkana Peck wrote:
>The workarounds in the wiki will work for expert users (assuming
>they find it), but I hope eventually the installer will be usable
>by less experienced users too (even if it can't happen in time for
>sarge's release).  The woody installer handled this situation
>without a problem, but it uses lilo, not grub, so I hate to point
>newbies at it even if they have the network bandwidth to update to

I didn't follow this thread closely, but it sounded very similar to the
problem I had.  I have two systems; SystemA has a tulip compatible nic
card and a PIIX3 IDE controller.  SystemB has a tulip compatible nic card
and a BusLogic SCSI controller.  Since I want to netinst, I need the
nic-module from the net driver floppy and the ide-module/scsi-module from
the cd driver floppy.

I would probably have to use this work around, if I didn't find my own
solution.  What I did was to make a custom driver floppy.  Since I knew
which udeb I needed (from talking with people on debian.irc), I just loop
mounted the images and copied the udebs I need into it.  I had to delete
stuff that I wasn't using like wireless and pcmcia, to make room for the
nic udeb (its huge).  Then I modified one of the files in the image that
lists the included udeb and it worked...

It's too bad there's no tool like jigdo for floppies.  This way, anyone
can just build their own custom driver floppy.  Maybe after sarge...

Jimen Ching (WH6BRR)      jching@flex.com     wh6brr@uhm.ampr.org

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