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Bug#218728: Flexible size settings for autopartkit

Ralf Gesel|ensetter wrote:
> Why not define a well defined interface how to define a linear equation or the 
> like on how to define each partition's size? Something like what I proposed 
> at http://bugs.skolelinux.no/show_bug.cgi?id=774
> Another way could be to have a minsize and a maxsize for each partition. In 
> case the sum of minsizes increases the disc size, just reduce minsize by the 
> percentage missing. Otherwise, give minsize to all parts, and interpolate 
> between minsize and maxsize ( min + par * ( max - min) , par runs from 0 to 
> 1) until space is used up. Spare space is defined in the same manner by means 
> of a dummy partition that will not be created.
> I assure you that I will not apply for any patents for this idea :))

There's prior art anyway. :-)
FAI has a perl script which follows roughly the same idea. Unfortunately
debian-installer has no space left to accomodate a perl interpreter in
the initial ramdisk, so the FAI script would need a port to shell or C,
whatever the less insane choice is.


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