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Bug#255237: kernel 2.6 doesn't recognize the SCSI controller or cdrom

Joey Hess wrote:
Giuseppe Sacco wrote:

Package: installation-reports
Version: sid_d-i, 20040616

The CDROM is perfecly detected when d-i uses 2.4 kernel, but it isn't
detected when using linux 2.6. The procedure stops and ask for loading
modules from a floppy. The CDROM is connected to the SCSI controller.

Can you get the syslog and messages files from the installer for a 2.4
and a 2.6 install?

Or debug the problem yourself, of course, but if you need more eyes on
this, we probably need to see the logs..

I just did a new test, using the latest daily netinst, dated 20040828, for sarge.

The problem is still there: the correct module isn't loaded, so both disks and cdrom aren't available to the installation system.

When d-i prompt for selecting a list of modules that may be used in order recognize the cdrom, one device is missing: sym53c8xx.

I switched to the second console, modprobe sym53c8xx, get back to previous one and then I was able to detect cdrom and disks and keep installing the system. I cannot tell you if the module was still loaded after the first reboot, since today there are some missing dependencies in sarge and exim4 cannot be installed, so the 1st stage failed.

I think this is a discover problem. The complete lspci output was already available in #228661.


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