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Bug#262766: should not show "configure LVM" menu entry if no LVM module is present

Package: partman
Version: 48

Installation using debian sarge 20040731 d-i netinst iso on a sparcstation5
system with one internal scsi hdd.

Partman menu offered me the choice to create a LVM partition, and I wanted to
try it, so I did the following :
- first I created a bootable reiserFS root partition and a swap partition, then
a LVM partition.
- I selected the "configure LVM" menu entry, had a message box telling that
changes must be applied first, I said ok and had a message telling me that a
kernel module was missing, then I was offered with partman menu again.
 -> I think that the menu entry should not be displayed if the kernel
module/tools are not present.
- frustrated but motivated :), I decided to continue the installation process
and a message was then displayed telling me that no change was written and that
it may lead to further problems.
 -> I think this message should not appear is the partition scheme was changed
in a way or another between the moment partman was launched and the moment we
live it, otherwise it might be quite confusing.

BTW : on first boot, the hard drive was found, but no partition was shown in the
partman menu under the drive's name. The disk had a 2,1 GB openbsd partition on
it. Selecting the harddrive in the partman menu lead to an untranslated error
message : "input/ouput error during read on
/dev/scsi/host0/bus0/target3/lun0/disc".I could not reproduce this problem so I
just post it as a note

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