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Bug#263206: mips-netboot

brlink@debian.org wrote:
> Debian-installer-version: http://people.debian.org/~tbm/d-i/images/mips/2004-07-25/r4k-ip22/netboot-boot.img 
> - rebooting
> when preparing to reboot it says:
> Saving installation logs to /var/log/debian-installer/...E: Inimplemented function
> and stops. When killing the process from the second console, it continues normaly.

I was going to say that this looked likely to be version skew between
the cdebconf in the rather outdated initrds in the mips daily builds vs
the udebs in testing, which use features added to cdebconf 0.68
(notably, the db_x_save thing). But looking at the build logs, that
build has the newest cdebconf, 0.70, on it.

Are you sure that you got the 2004-07-25 build and not some other one?

see shy jo

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