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[l10n] Progress on migration towards single translation files

Here is a status report of the work about migrating translations to a
single file located in packages/po.

As already written, all this need the use of a synchronisation script
which is periodically run on one developer's machine, currently mine.

This script is scripts/l10n/l10n-sync.

Its job is:

-run debconf-updatepo for all packages and rebuild templates.pot files
-merge templates.pot files all together into packages/po/template.pot
-update packages/po/*.po with this "master" template.pot file
-for all packages, update debian/po/xx.po for all languages which have
 a master file in packages/po/

During the last days, I added options for the script so that it may be
run offline and commits are made either atomistically (files are
commited individually after having been updated) and more globally.

It turned out that atomistic commits are too annoying for developers
as this results in too much commit actions. So, the script will
probably be used without this option. The consequence is a more wider
"conflict window". 

Work done:
-Testing on FR is OK
-DA and LT switched
-DA updates properly propagated to individual files
-script enough debuggued for being run by cron

Work left to do:

-More closely investigate conflicts (a developer updates, directly or
 indirectly, the contents of debian/po for a package while the script
 is updating the same files)
-Avoid triggering output-l10n-changes for all packages when a given
 language switches to the master file system. Will be tricky...
-Write a script for switching a given language to the master file
 More or less a wrapper around gettext-helper
-Change back the PO-Revision-Date for fr, da, lt except for packages
 which had recent updates to their templates.
-Clean the script : remove bashisms and bubullisms
-Switch a few more languages
-Start working with seppy on a new statistics page system which
 include the 4 "levels" I mentioned in my long summary message


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