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Bug#262714: (no subject)

Keith Hellman написав:
> I went through the repartitioning by first removing all the partitions, then adding back in a 
> root, swap, and two LVM physical volumes.  When it came time to declare a volume group however, 
> the name system failed.  The error messgages on the third console suggest the issue being that 
> the system booted and detected the original 'system', and refused to creat another
>   "A volume group called 'system' alread exists."
> I'm not sure if I would have experienced this error had I *first* deleted the volume group and 
> *then* repartitioned the drive.

Yes, now you must delete all volume groups and maybe run pvremove for
all PVs that you does not want to use.

> I'm afraid it is too late to try that now since the drive is 
> already repartitioned.  I worked around this be simply calling my Volume Group 'sys'.
> This is my third use of the installer for LVM and things keep getting smoother.  I'm not sure if 
> you've fixed things in the LVM logic or perhaps I'm just becoming more experienced with it - 
> but its PROGRESS!
> Thanks for all your efforts.

Eugeniy Meshcheryakov

Kyiv National Taras Shevchenko University
Information and Computing Centre

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