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Re: Bug#257910: Installation Report ia64 netinst beta4 : no fat16 /boot partition created

Hi Florent,
I had the same problem as you with my itanium i2000 and finally solve the problem, in weird way, but that works. I created a first partition on my disk and marked it as unused and bootable. I created my usual linux partitions on the rest of the disk, making the / partition bootable and installed debian with debian-installer. Of course, elilo could not be installed because of the missing FAT16 partition. After the installation is finished, I rebooted the computer, started debian-installer again just enough so my scsi disk was detected. Then I switched to console mode using ctrl+alt+F2, mounted my / partition and used /sbin/mkfs.msdos to format my first partition in FAT16. Then I went back to the installation (ctrl+alt+F1) and elilo could be installed.

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