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Bug#226758: Grub-installer: root disk wrongly set


A friend of mine has just installed Debian from the Beta4 netinstall.
Now, I know this is kind of obsolete, but since I found this old,
unresolved bug report that seems related to this, I thought that maybe
the problem is still present with current builds.

The machine is a Celeron 700 with 3 IDE drives (hda, hdb and hdc).

For unknown reasons, my friend decided to install in hdb.  Everything worked
fine, but when rebooting, GRUB could not find the root filesystem.  This
was because it was misconfigured to look for root in (hd0,0) instead of

Changing it to (hd1,0) fixed the problem.

I can send info of the installed machine if necessary.

Besos,          ,''`.
       Marga   : :' :
               `. `' 

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