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Bug#263226: Processed: Re: Bug#240679: no network config

Frederik Dannemare wrote:
> Sorry. The new info regarding failing checksums from submitter Stuart 
> Scharf is "hidden" in 
> <http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=263226&msg=9> below 
> the commands to control@bugs.debian.org. 
> Also, submitters have a bad habbit of only replying back to me when 
> following up on old installation reports. For this reason, the new info 
> from submitter is only avail. in quoted form in my reply/done/clone-off 
> (which becomes "hidden" since the msg also goes to 
> control@bugs.debian.org).

Please forward the mail or cc your reply to the bug number in that case.

Stuart Scharf:
> My record for using Sarge installers seems to be getting worse!
> I tried two different daily builds of the installer, (including the
> Aug 1 version) and although the MD5SUM of my disk matches, the
> installer reports my disk as corrupted! ( or at least that a needed
> file couldn't be loaded).
> In particular the check disk function reports that
> ./install/2.6/initrd.gz does not match the checksum.
> If I let it continue, i got to a message that most of the hardware
> drivers needed for my computer were unavailable.

I tested the august 2 image and cdrom-checker reports no problems. Since
Stuart says that the installer reported other actual problems with loading
files from the CD, this is not a md5sum problem and is likely a problem
with the CD he burnt, with his CD drive, or possibly with the kernel.

see shy jo

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