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Re: AlphaServer DS25 failure

On Thu, Aug 05, 2004 at 12:54:18PM -0700, Brian Carnes wrote:
> Saw your request for testing on alphalinux.org.

> I got the following, when booting with a CD from sarge-alpha-netinst.iso 
> (beta4): it gives the following upon boot:

>   aboot: Can't load kernel.
>   Memory at fffffc0000310000 - fffffc0000562ccb (chunk 0) is Busy (Reserved)

> I didn't see anything about this in the errata, so I won't bother to try 
> burning a daily build unless you think there's a chance this had been fixed.

> For comparison:
>   Trying to boot an old Redhat 7.1 Alpha CD doesn't work either (loads 
> initrd gets to "aboot: starting kernel ..." and hangs)

> It boots the Tru64 system off the HD just fine though...

You may want to ask on the debian-alpha mailing list about this.  This
certainly doesn't look like an installer-specific bug; it's bound to be
a problem with one of the bootloader, the kernel, or your hardware

Steve Langasek
postmodern programmer

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