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Bug#218728: Flexible size settings for autopartkit

Dear developers of autopartkit,

your package allows easy setup of the debian-edu school server -- even to 
unexperienced teachers. This is worth a lot. 

However, at the current state of the art, installation can cost 200 $ more 
than needed, as upsizing partitions afterward takes its time and time is 
money :( 

I sent a corresponding bug also to 

No, as opposed to Petter, I don't believe that merely dividing the available 
space into equal parts would be a real progress. In our example we needed a 
partitioning of 5+5+5+5+80 GB! If we got along with 5 x 20 we had to downsize 
several disks - the needed time was the same, I suppose.

Why not define a well defined interface how to define a linear equation or the 
like on how to define each partition's size? Something like what I proposed 
at http://bugs.skolelinux.no/show_bug.cgi?id=774

Another way could be to have a minsize and a maxsize for each partition. In 
case the sum of minsizes increases the disc size, just reduce minsize by the 
percentage missing. Otherwise, give minsize to all parts, and interpolate 
between minsize and maxsize ( min + par * ( max - min) , par runs from 0 to 
1) until space is used up. Spare space is defined in the same manner by means 
of a dummy partition that will not be created.

I assure you that I will not apply for any patents for this idea :))


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