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Bug#240721: localisation set during install is not active afterwards

Am Monday 26 July 2004 18:46 schrieb Frederik Dannemare:

> If you can confirm they are no longer present, I will close this report.
> Much has changed with the installer since April, and it is not unlikely
> that the problems you mention have been dealt with by the Debian
> Developers working on the installer.

Great. I got around to do a fresh test install, locales and console-data 
(keymap) seem to work fine now. Thanks!

Still some things to do though:

I found that X is still not set up correctly for a german install:
With "dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xfree86" you need to set  the
keyboard settings: pc105, de, nodeadkeys

During the install a question comes up that might have a reasonable default 
for standard installs: From what I remember "two" dicionaries are installed 
and it want to know wether to use "ispell german" or "ispell german -tex".

I noticed that, although "umlauts" seem to work fine in "dpkg-reconfigure 
xserver-xfree86", "base-config" or on the console itself, in 
"dpkg-reconfigure console-data" the umlauts are not there. Instead a 
uppercase "A" with a "tilde" on top followed by a cryptic character or euro 
sign appears.

Kind Regards,

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