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Bug#263205: mips-cdrom

brlink@debian.org wrote:
> Comments/Problems:
> When selecting to install from cdrom it says and affirming to have inserted the cdrom
> I get the error message "Installation tools not found." This is most likely
> a problem with the cdrom.

Hm, Debian has no IRIX-style installation tools. What should happen:

- the firmware variable OsLoadPartition is set to scsi(0)cdrom(X),
  with X being the CDROMs SCSI-id. (After that, available bootfiles
  can be listed with the "ls" command, those should be "r4k-ip22"
  and "r5k-ip22".)

- The OsLoader variable points to one of those bootfiles.

- The bootfile is executed and starts the installer.

The problem is, the firmware expects a bootfile with the name
"sashARCS" for an automatic startup of the installation. You can
work around it by typing at the firmware prompt:

setenv OsLoadPartition scsi(0)cdrom(X)
setenv OsLoader r4k-ip22

Could you retry with this method?


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