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Bug#263317: Language not set at second-stage

Package: installation-reports

I've finished an installation with the latest floppies from 

Everything went smoothly except for one (or maybe two) thing.  The
language was not set at second stage.  When I checked in the
questions.dat file, I found that my locale had been set to es_AR@euro

I only selected Spanish-Argentina, never the @euro thing, but it was
there.  And apparently this is an unsupported locale.

Then, when selecting the time zone, I selected "Buenos Aires", and it
went back to the main menu, staying on the "Select Timezone" option.  I
don't know why this happened. I did not go back, and my priority
previous to this was high.  After the timezone selection it stayed at

I have this feeling that these two things are related, but I don't
actually know.

I hope someone can find out what's going on.

Besos,          ,''`.
       Marga   : :' :
               `. `' 

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