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"Cache Profiler" ? (was: No cache control on ppc??) (a)pmud eventual conversion to domain sockets (slightly OT) (no subject) (Offtopic) Humming on ibook2 audio port? 2.4.16 kernel config & KEYBOARD death 2.4.17 bug 2.4.17 hangs at setting clock 3 newbie questions (colour depth, wvdial & overall sluggishness) 3 package(s) to rebuild on powerpc/stable Re: 3.0.18 testing needed 4 package(s) to rebuild on powerpc/stable Re: [linux-usb-devel] usbstorage isd200 and ppc Re: [OT] Network file sharing Another powerpc Buildd? apt problems ... ATI with AGP and ADC ?? ATTENTION MICHAEL SCHMITZ audio on G4 Mac best 2.4 kernel? boot problems after install on Pismo booting problems The broken fdisk Bug 121459 Re: Bug#129479: scsi disk not detected Buildd Update burning install cds CamediaPlay and Olympus D-460 Zoom Can anyone help with #112770? Can't install tetex on woody chroot segfaults Command key not working in X configuring XFree86 4.1.0 Cross compilation for Atari platform debian installation on IBM RS6000 PPC debian on PPC IBM RS6000 Debian on PPC IBM RS6000 Re: debian on PPC IBM RS6000 Re: Debian on PPC IBM RS6000 Re: debian on PPC IBM RS6000 debootstrap: Couldn't download exim Re: debootstrap: Couldn't download exim (now working) deja vu: problems with latex and accents Dmasound DRI on Voodoo3 PCI and OldWorld Errors in sid xserver-xfree86 configuration ethernet for laserwriter select 360 Euro Support on PPC? external screen with iceBook extra 128MB 100MHz TiBook RAM fdisk quits weirdly firewalling Fix for german keymaps in woody on the ibook2 G4 Cube config (was: Memory tester for powerpc?) gentle noise (was: (Offtopic) Humming on ibook2 audio port?) Getting ethernet (dhcp) on powerbook g4 667 ghostie screen groff 1.15.2-3 upload needed for stable guppi guppi ppc problems HD Upgrade for an iMac ?? Help! Can't BOOT upon kernel upgrade! hfs+ kioslave - looking for testers hfsplus howto? ibook2 first rev modem iMac install problem on G4 Installation of debian on RISC6000 IBM PPC Installation worked! Now, the modem, though... installing on 8500 Installing on a G3 powerbook via netboot/tftp Re: Is it possible to burn MacOS bootable CD's on Linux Is SMP with dual G4 7450 working ? issues with external CRT/dual USB ibook Re: J.T. Sterlings Daily Special - January 19, 2002 Japanese Mac Keymap? Kernel/Framebuffer problems on oldworld Keyboards on PowerPC.... Last call for glibc patches against 2.2.5 Latest libdb2-dev not uploaded into sid? libforms build libsdl1.2debian: NMU addressing #128075 locales 2.2.5-1 Re: lost _right_ alt-key with todays X-upgrade in woody lost left alt-key with todays X-upgrade in woody Re: LUNA: Xdm login problems Luxo jr. mac-fdisk 0.1-8 warning on install MacOS (Does Linux need him?) macserial problem on headless servers with kernel 2.4.17 mail user agents [was: Re: Woody Impressions] Memory tester for powerpc? microwindows build status MOL and kernel 2.4 Re: MOL and kernel 2.4.17 mol version mismatch in sid (MacOnLinux) MOL: How to mount an apple cd from Os9 under Mol? Mozilla downloads disappear upon completion Netscape with Woody install problems No cache control on ppc?? OF Issues Ogg Vorbis Hissing package hotkeys and libdb3... permissions for audio device pmud core99 shutdown pmud sleep and trackpad notap Re: post install lib woes... PowerBook G4 The last update was on 07:24 GMT Sun May 15. There are 730 messages. Page 1 of 2.

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