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> > > Your ISP somehow landed itself on our blacklist.
> > 
> > My ISP is the University of California.

That's a decent enough institution :-) Could've happened to me while in 
Berkeley, I never used a mailhub either ...
> But you're not using a U of C email address?

Worse - he wasn't using the UCI mail server as mailhub. And some bloke on
the residential network caught my attention by means of spam. Next time
I'll flame the hell out of the UCI network staff before blacklisting them
> I guess `becket.net' landed on the blacklist.

Nope, reshsg.uci.edu landed on my local blacklist (I went a bit overboard
with filtering there). But becket.net resolves to something.reshsg.uci.edu 
that's how it happened (plus /me being too thick to successfully search
the string uci.edu in my blacklist :-(

We've sorted it out now (master lagging in list processing didn't help a
lot either here...)


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