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Re: installing on 8500

[28.01.2002 ° 11:22 Uhr] Michael Schmitz -->

>> > editing the partition table always resulted in a kernel panic after writing
>> > (dont know why), but a reboot showed the disk partitioned properly, so i
>> > continued.
>> Michael Shmittz / Tom Rini would love to use your computer
>> to track down this problem. (/cocks ear to listen :-)
>I don't know who you're talking about... :-) On the other hand, I would
>like to get my hands on any of the problematic hardware for testing. I
>begin to suspect it's something with the Debian installer kernels only.

unfortunately,.  its not my hardware. i set up debian on a friends machine,
which ill have access till tomorrow. any 'tests' you could suggest? i can try a
few things if needed, as long as there arent magnets involved!


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