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Re: issues with external CRT/dual USB ibook

Hi Ben,

On Thursday, January 17, 2002, at 02:02 AM, Benjamin Herrenschmidt wrote:

The m3mirror is a hack using the same kind of sync on the LCD and
on the CRT output. Having a different sync, which is what you want,
would require full dual head support.

What we're talking about is turning off the LCD and using only the VGA output, so there should be no need for seperate syncs or dual-head support. Judging from the almost-perfect picture (it's only the wobble), I have the impression as if it's almost there.

 I don't think it will appear
anytime soon in aty128fb, but I think Ani Joshi have some code for
that in XFree. It's not in the XFree CVS though, but the basic idea
is to backport what is in XFree radeon driver.

That'd be great! I have to look if there's a way of getting support for that in MacOS X as well.


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