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Re: Errors in sid xserver-xfree86 configuration

> I updated from sid on my powermac 8500 a couple days ago.  I had two
> problems with the configuration of an updated package, I'm pretty sure
> it was the xserver-xfree86 package.  I have 4.1.0-13 now (PowerPC).
> I'm reporting this to the Debian-PowerPC list because the first problem
> was specific to macintosh. 

Nope. I had a similar problem on i386. Except I upgraded from potato to 
woody, and my X config went away, and I just got the prompt. I had to install 
xserver-xfree86 and a few other things (apt-get didn't get all of the 
dependencies) to get my gui back. 


On Wednesday 16 January 2002 09:35 pm, Michael D. Crawford wrote:
 In the one item that gets configured, it
> says that Macintosh users need to enter their PCI bus identifier for
> their video card.  Users of multiple video cards need to do this too.
> However, my Macintosh uses onboard video ram for its video.  I don't
> think there is a PCI device for the video at all.  That would have been
> the case for a Mac 9500, but not a Mac 8500.  I didn't see anything
> about it when I did the "lspci" command.
> The other problem is that the new configuration nuked my existing
> XF86Config-4 settings.  When I restarted X, it went back to 640x480.  I
> had to run, I think it was dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xfree86 to get my
> proper video back.
> Mike

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