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Re: issues with external CRT/dual USB ibook

On Thu, 17 Jan 2002, Benjamin Herrenschmidt wrote:

> The m3mirror is a hack using the same kind of sync on the LCD and
> on the CRT output. Having a different sync, which is what you want,
> would require full dual head support. I don't think it will appear
> anytime soon in aty128fb, but I think Ani Joshi have some code for
> that in XFree. It's not in the XFree CVS though, but the basic idea
> is to backport what is in XFree radeon driver.

Umm, are you sure that a separate sync is needed?
The picture on CRT is just fine in that it's timings are neither too fast
nor too slow for the Monitors (I tried 3).
It just looks like hsync on the CRT output is "wobbly", so the picture
looks like this:

(                     (
 )                     )
(                     (
 )                     )
(                     (
 )                     )
(                     (
 )                     )

with those "waves" quickly moving up (or down, can't really tell as it's
too fast...)

I find it hard to imagine that the LCD can make sense of such a wavy hsync
signal, but maybe I just don't see the real problem here...

Note that vsync seems just perfect: the picture doesn't move vertically.


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