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guppi ppc problems

   Just a note that in case anyone is interested in helping
the guppi maintainer, Jon Trowbridge <trow@gnu.org>, is looking
for some help. He posted this to the guppi-list mailing list.

    * From: Jon Trowbridge <trow gnu org>
    * To: guppi-list <guppi-list gnome org>
    * Subject: [guppi-list] Guppi on PPC
    * Date: 07 Jan 2002 18:25:46 -0600

I've gotten reports that Guppi doesn't work (i.e. massively segfaults)
when run on PPCs.  I'd like to debug this problem, but I don't have
access to any PPC hardware.

If there is anyone out there who

(1) Has a PPC box
(2) Is comfortable building Guppi out of CVS
(3) Has a little bit of time to help out by testing potential fixes

...could you please get in touch with me directly?



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