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AdoptMe Please ... qt front end to APT after the eventual non-US merge into main Alpha question Architecture authenticity of a package Re: Bug#102149: How can I reproduce this bug? Bug#108960: screem_0.4.1-7(unstable): debian/files exists in source package characters in X-application replaced with boxes :( completing sponsring request Conflicting packages for yardradius dangling symlinks in upstream archive Re: debconf question. debconf trouble DESTDIR dh_installinit Documentation dpkg can't purge init script dpkg-scanpackages problem gcc-3 Help needed making a collection of fonts into a .deb Help with dpkg-buildpackage How to assume packaging downgrade in hard case ? i can't find my /etc/*.conf files installer question Re: Installing custom packages "invalid ICMP error to broadcast" Is doc-base i18n-aware? Is it possible to do this using logrotate? LibGGI & policy, static libs, Bug#102675 RE: Lintian error: depends-on-essential-package-without-using-ve Lintian error: depends-on-essential-package-without-using-version bash Lintian overrides Long time in account creation? Looking for a sponsor (security related tools) looking for sponsor making debconf configuring a package after installation Making multiple packages from source. mmx related packages Moving packages to non-US. multiple binary package HOWTO multiple source files Needing help on kernel packaging New Developer. NM wanna be, new package description oops I've deleted some hidden file from incoming Orphaning a package without being able to change maintainer info? Re-orphaning package out of date packages (testing/update_excuses) package replacement and lack of disappearing... packages signing Packaging Perl Packages pointer to objects Policy for copyright notice Problems with dynamic linking in tela Re: Processed: glimpse package is no longer in the Debian archive /proc file system Python upgrade: need help regarding package renaming removing package from unstable Section oddities Sed & Awk Seeking a sponsor/advocate for libdbi Seeking sponsor for GNOME utility Shared libraries and sections Some Packaging Questions splitting upstream source (was Re: multiple source files) sponsor sponsor distributed-net-pproxy Sponsors? Tarball question Transition from config file to debconf Twisted TWO QUESTIONS Unidentified subject! Using secondary GPG ID for packages warning in Plex86 which gcc to use to build packages ? The last update was on 17:01 GMT Sun Aug 16. There are 248 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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