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Re: Making multiple packages from source.

In Tue, 21 Aug 2001 14:01:19 +0200 Eduard cum veritate scripsit :

> I guess too, but the foo-i686 would cause Grave-Bugs soon. But there is
> another issue: I considered to create a special optimisation branches
> for specific CPU types using the following concept:
> - Packages are recompiled with specific optimisations and get a version
>   number like 0.5.1-4.athlon.1.

That would be unnecessary to have a different version number, no? 

> - Optimised package are stored in a different, apt-able directory
> - All packages depend on so-called key package, ie. on "opt-athlon"
> - "opt-athlon" itself is not apt-able and must be installed by the user
>   manually. Once installed, apt would fetch the optimised packages.

How about opt-athlon checks for athlon in postinst, like
look in /proc.

> - "opt-athlon" contain also a script, which allows the user to remove
>   all optimised stuff. This is simple done by searching in apt's lists,
>   removing the .athlon* extension from the version number and invoking
>   apt-get install package=version package=version. I imagine something
>   like: apt-get install `opt-downgrade --non-optimised`
>   (and the script will insert the right version numbers).

Er.. sounds hacky.

Anyway, I was trying to do this kind of stuff, but I have not gone too
far. I stopped at trying to set up a buildd for athlon (I have effectively
stopped at making athlon-builder)

Please do.


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